1927 Sept 6

Endicott Johnson Retail Store
Troy, NY
Sept 6 1927

Dear Thelma,
Before I had finished your frigid epistile I had to don my heavy underwear and overcoat. You certainly know your “icicles” even if you don’t know your “onions”!!! Don’t forget that I am somewhat of a psychologist and therefore the inner workings of the mind is not quite such an enigma to me. The letter is a good convincer and I accept my setback like a good sport. If you think that I am not justified in my impression I will, with your permission read your letter to you, upon your return. So much for my severe criticism!!!!!!
Now that I have all that off my mind I might continue in a more genial manner. Dave + I hiked to N.Y.C. Saturday afternoon and reached there twelve P.M. after having a very interesting experience. We got a ride from Albany clean straight thru with a climatologist who hails from Toronto, Canada. After discussing and comparing the political + economical situations of both Canada + United States we entered the usual “Bull Sessions” which are relished greatly by weary travelers. It continued all the way for Red Hook on. Oh! How we all did laugh!! Finely when we arrived Dave directed him to a good hotel. We made a fine journey down and a good friend. Then we visited Kate Harris and received a warm reception. Sunday we went down to see Dave’s friends (Artists, Models, Musicians and whatnots) yours truly “went over big” as usual even if I do break my own arm patting myself. At night we ran down and saw Anna. She was quite surprised. Then we adjourned for the evening. Coming back to Troy was kind of hard until Morris Simon (of all the people in the world) came along and picked us up.
I was speaking to Leo just a little while ago and he tells me he met a very intelligent S.L.P. man at his uncle’s home. Isn’t that strange? I thought I was the only one! Well! Dear I must beat it to the meeting so I must bid you au revoir. Embrace your sister for me and remember me to all your relatives that I know down there.
P.S. Hope your enjoyment of your vacation increases if possible. Will you write me before you return?

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________1927Sep06_1 1927Sep06_2

Editor’s Notes: Izzy, or Issy as he signs off many of his earliest letters, appears to be replying to a letter of Thelma’s that was less than warm. I’ve been told he had a great sense of humor and told jokes nearly constantly. I have left some misspellings in the transcription, not to embarrass Izzy, but to point out some interesting verbiage. For instance, instead of writing that he traveled straight “through” NY he says “thru”, a shorthand I personally did not realize was used at that time. On top of page 2 of the letter is a note scribbled by Izzy to Thelma to “read the Weekly People”. The Weekly People was an SLP publication based out of Brooklyn. You can view back issues here: http://tinyurl.com/lyjs7t5

People mentioned: Dave was a good friend of Izzy’s and you will see him mentioned in many letters. Leo was my grandfather and Thelma’s brother, also a musician and member of the Socialist Labor Party, like so many of Izzy’s acquaintances.


2 thoughts on “1927 Sept 6

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  1. Hi,
    I am Izzy’s niece and Thelma’s niece.
    My father was George , Izzy’s younger brother.
    How mind blowing to be out on the web and see these
    I will need to spend more time reading them.

    Uncle Izzy & Aunt Thelma spent a week + with us
    every summer. They filled the house with their love, music and friends.


    1. Hi! This is great – I’m so glad you found the blog! Since all I know of their younger selves is from the letters and snippets from my dad I’d love to eventually interview some family members. Great to hear from you.

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