1927 Oct 9

New York City
Oct. 9, 1927

My Darling
Your letter was the first bit of joy I have experienced since I arrived here! Being plunged into a new environment, away from one’s home and the ones he loves best naturally the “blues” got me. You must be an enchantress and magician, so claim the folks here. Since I got your letter they claim a miracle was performed.
Well I finally landed a job! It is in a fashionable Art Shoppe. We sell oils, watercolors, etchings, mezzotints etc. My duties consist of painting some small signs, selling, and delivering. The boss a french jew named Louis Antoville is “nuts” about me. He is a S.P. How I came to know that? Well I saw a telegram to him from Morris Hilquis stating that Louis Antoville’s share in buying the radical radio station was five hundred dollars. He and I discuss the social question quite often and much is gained on both sides. He is too old to be convinced. My hours are from 8 A.M. To 6 P.M. daily including Saturdays. That gives me three hours practice everyday.
I gave my pupil a lesson to-day. His mother was impressed with my patience and consideration for the youngster and promised to get as many pupils as she could for me.
You say in your letter that you were at Esur’s eating apples and chewing the rag. Please be careful of your diet or I will be missing a sweetheart; apples and rags don’t mix. Ha! Ha! I only think I’m funny sez you. Friday evening Dave and I went over to Town Hall to hear the first violin recital of the season. Misha Elgon played. We thought we could get free passes and there were plenty of students just like us. Sam Artak, you know him, the fiddler who vacationed with Dave, introduced us to some star pupils of Mr. Fuerman. One of them works in a laundry and practices nights the other fellow lives the best way he can. The poor soul says he goes days without eating. Artak tells us he (this poor fellow) is capable of performing wonders on the violin. His name is Neuhim Fisher. Long, tedious hours of practice, lack of food has affected his heart and now he wants to study for one more year and then the greatest day in his life; his debut. I gave him one dollar to get something to eat. He told me if I gave him my address, he would come up and play for me, show me some pointers and play duets.
Dave, Artak and I went over to Serge Kagan’s. Serge Tagar was there also. They sure are great pianists. If they had souls it would be hard to excel them. When you come down I will take you over there and then you will see for yourself. Dave just came here to take me for a walk. He’s looking great and desires to be remembered to whole gang.
This morning I went down to the Yorkville Casino to try out for the Young Men’s Symphony. The place was so packed with applicants that half of them (myself included) was told to come next Sunday at nine A.M. I stayed to hear them for a little while and believe me, it sounded fine. The organization is complete and the ensemble is surprising!

I just got a call from Anna. She wants me to come over to see her to-morrow night I won’t forget to give her your regards. I am very sorry I couldn’t see Leo before he left for Troy. I was job hunting when he called. I’ll try to do better next time. If there is anything you want down here let me know and you will have it. Remember there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Kiss Gert for me and tell her every time I look at your picture I see somebody that looks a whole lot like her. Tell Milton to be a good boy and when I come back to Troy for a visit I will give him a penny. Tell your folks that I wish to be remembered.

Write me a good long letter and I will reciprocate.


P.S. I am pleased that the mark left your lips. After all your lips are mine.

1927Oct09_1 1927Oct09_2 1927Oct09_3

Editor’s Notes: Here is an ad in the paper Issie may have seen for the Young Men’s Symphony auditions 

Screenshot 2015-05-17 at 2 f22125702434c2ef8bf5db2481e228e3

And a picture of the Yorkville Casino.The poor fellow that Issie gave $1 could probably get a nice sandwich with that.

People Mentioned: Louis Antoville owned his gallery in NYC from 1901-1942.  Morris Hillquit (not Hilquis) was a founder and leader of the SLP.  The radio station mentioned was WEVD and Antoville must have donated that amount as the radio stations was purchased with donations (a very early KickStarter perhaps) and it was a news-talk station about the SLP.  By Misha Elgon Issie probably means Mischa Elman.  Mischa Elman was a student of Leopold Auer http://tinyurl.com/kkbx6lx so I believe that Issie was introduced to others of Auer’s students, not Mr. Fuerman as he writes.  Gert is Thelma’s twin sister.


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  1. Thank you for this posting, as it has helped to give some worthwhile details and filled in some gaps regarding family history for me. My great-grandfather was Louis. Your research and further clarifications of Lizzie’s accounts are wonderful and most helpful. Thanks again for putting in the time and effort for this site. Best, AA

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