Dec 20 1927

Dec. 20, 1927

Dear Thelma

Here I am at last able to sit down and have a chat with you.  The damned X-mas rush has caught me in its whirl.  It will be over Saturday night and then home I go for a couple of days.  The thought of seeing you soon enables me to endure all this in apparent comfort.

Leo must have told you all about how we happened to go to the dance at the Clover Gardens, and about encountering Hyme Karp.  If he didn’t make him tell you about it and I’ll assure you, you’ll laugh heartily.

Sunday morning Dave took me to hear a Sonata Recital at the Golden Theatre.  Jelly d’Aranyi and Myra Hess were the performers as you will see in the program which speaks for itself in all ways.  They played wonderfully I thought but the newspaper critics didn’t think so.  We had the finest seats in the house.  Dave’s sweetheart bought them.

Poor Esur will not be able to go home with me because he works much later than I.  He tells me he’s going to take an early morning train.  We are becoming great comrades.  You know the old saying “misery loves company” well that’s true for both of us.  I see Dave Harris only once a week on account of my late practicing hours.  Esur and I get together twice every week; once at the rehearsal and Thursday nights at Ann’s.  Thursday night last Esur, Fanny Ann and I had a little feed and get-together; after Es & I got thru playing some duets.  Friday night which followed I went to hear Sigmund Feuerman at Chickering Hall.  Being a pupil of Sevchick his technique was all he had to offer.  I met quite a few of his pupils and they invited me to their homes.  I gracefully declined telling them that my time was completely occupied.  Some nice gang.  They knew violinists and repertoire from A to Z.  Every time I go to a concert I’m sure to find them there.

Lillian Diamond is “quite a kid” but I’m sure there’s something radically wrong with her.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I mean nothing derogatory as to her character.  It’s simply a psychological depression, with I am sure can be overcome by proper means.  I’ll discuss more of this in detail when I see you.  My time is drawing to a close so I close hoping to find you and your entire gang in perfect condition when I get there.


P.S. Excuse paper and pencil it was the best I could borrow here in the store, unless I took some billheads.  Say!  Here’s a good one I heard last night.  If I was a little sardine and you were a little sardine would you kiss me in the can?  Kute isn’t it???

1927Dec20_1 1927Dec20_21927Dec20_3 1927Dec20_4  1927Dec20_5

Editograndcentralpalacer’s Notes: December 5th to December 20th is quite a long time for Izzy to not write a letter to Thelma but he makes up for it in length.  He seems to be enjoying NYC more now that he is chummy with Esur and has obviously kept himself busy between letters.  He goes to a dance at Clover Gardens with Leo; Clover Gardens was a luxurious ballroom inside Grand Central Palace, a 13 story building on Lexington and 46th.  He also goes to the Golden Theater, though many sources claim it was called Theatre Masque when it opened in 1927, it must have changed its name by the end of the year.  There he saw young Myra Hess and the reputable Jelly (or Yelly) d’Aranyi.  Supposedly these two talented women also had a personal relationship and lived together many years.

At Chickering Hall he rubs elbows with fellow musicians under the tutelage of Otakar Sevcik.  His pupil, Sigmund Feuermann was the brother of Emmanuel Feuermann whose shadow he lived in.chickering

Lillian Diamond, who has appeared in a letter before this, seems to be a friend of Thelma’s that Izzy does not approve and it is unclear why.

After this letter, Izzy goes home for Christmas and we hear from him again before New Year’s Eve.

The dirty joke at the end makes me laugh every time.


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