Jun 21 1928

                                                                                                                 June 21, 1928

Dear Thelma,

In reply to your letter and to the “particular question” I will say that I am out every day looking for a job and hopeing like hell I don’t find one!  If luck is in my favor (and it is two million to one) I’ll be in Troy before Monday.  The moment I come rest assured I shall see you.  If however the unexpected thing happens you should be informed somehow.

Sunday after you left Lilian + I did not go to hear Goldman’s as we had planned.  She began to worry about her mother being all alone so we dashed up to her home only to find her mother with some relatives prepareing to go for a walk along the river front.  (Hudson not the dirty East river) so we trailed along also.  After spending a dull evening I was greatly relieved when I hopped in bed ready to dream.  Can you guess my dream?

Tuesday I ran over to Lenox Ave and 147th St. where The Lost Property Dept of the el R.T. Is located.  There I was informed that nothing as yet was received that came near my description of the briefcase.  I left my address, phone number and a little tip for the fellow in charge to inform me immediately upon its arrival at that department.  I also promised him a little more cash if the case was found.  I also spoke to the fellow who has that fine violin for sale.  He said he would be pleased to meet Leo and discuss the matter.

Jesse and Frank done their utmost to encourage me about staying in N.Y.C.  They seem to think that I have the necessary elements to be a good business man.  Nerve says Jesse is more the half the battle.  Cash says “yours truly” and the battle is over.

While waiting in line at one of the employment agencies for next, the fellow ahead of me was reading a book and had another under his arm.  I asked him whether I could take a look at the book under his arm and he agreed to let me take it home if I returned it the next day.  That’s how sure he was that neither he nor myself were of getting a job.  The title of the book is Let Freedom Ring by Arthur Garfield Hayes.  If it is in the Troy liberary I shall read it.  It’s novel, not a novel.  See the point?

I’ve got to dash down to get a grip from Dave Harris to pack my things so I cease this chatter and embrace you ethereally.


Regards to all

1928Jun21_1 1928Jun21_2

Editor’s Notes: Thelma came to visit!  Of course all that they did remains a mystery to us.  Did they take walks together as Izzy requested they do? Did they see the newest film?  Did Izzy talk her ear off about music, politics, justice?  Whatever the case, there is no mention of an argument and he promises to dream of her.

Izzy took a walk along the bank of the Hudson – possibly cleaner than we know our beloved river to be today.  Izzy lost his briefcase on the train, possibly the IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit was a privately owned subway bought by the City in 1932) line in Harlem and Upper Manhattan, and visited the office to retrieve the lost items but it was not found. 

We haven’t heard about Frank & Jesse before and, from the strange analogy of money and battle, it is unclear if they share similar ideals to Izzy.  They are trying to convince him to stay in the City, look for work, and make a name for himself in the World of Business.  Izzy may be more inclined at this point to throw in the towel and return to his family and his girl.  Will the low morale of the City force him out?

As a Librarian, I love several things about his last paragraph of the letter.

1. He approached a stranger and asked for his book.

2. He spelled library wrong.

3. Good wordplay with “novel” vs. “a novel”.

To Read: “Let Freedom Ring” by Arthur Garfield Hays – A brand new book at the time it discusses law cases  between 1922-1927 on freedom of education, speech and assemblage, press, residence, stage and opinion.  As soon as I find the book at a tag sale I will digitize it.


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