Aug 3 1928

August 3, 1928

Dearest Girl,

When the post-man handed me your letter yesterday it was probably the only good “Christian” act he had done that day.  It was like a drink to a man dying of thirst.  The letter was so effective that I am still in a joyous mood!

If you have any anger in store for Gert because she didn’t go to Pittsfield yesterday let it all out on me.  I was instrumental in getting up a canoeing party last night which caused her delay.  About five thirty Harris, Sam, Gert + I got into a canoe and didn’t get home until half-past eleven.  For further details ask your worthy sister.  I was very sorry, believe me, that you weren’t there.

I finished The Strange Interlude.  We shall discuss it the first chance we get?  Wednesday Comrade Ricci + I went to Mechanicville and got the required signatures for the party.  When I see you remind me to tell you all about it!

Now then, as you would say, the main point is; That if I can get Leo to go along with me I shall only be too glad to be near you.  But if he decides not to go it wouldn’t look right for me to come alone although that’s just what I feel like doing.

There’s hardly anything else I can think about just now that’s of any importance only that I like to whisper something in your ear, so I cease this chatter, hopeing to see you Saturday.


Regards to {each and all, Great and Small}

1928Aug03_1 1928Aug03_2

Editor’s Notes: Well we have taken a hard left turn!  Last we heard from Izzy was the end of June and the six weeks in between is currently a mystery.  Did he lose his job?  Did he quit the daily grind and move back upstate?  I’ll need input from family members who remember.  Either way, his mood seems to have lightened a great deal.  Most likely from being around friends, family, and comrades.

Thelma must be in Pittsfield, MA (an hour drive from Troy and where she grew up) and was expecting her sister Gert to join her the following day.  However, Izzy was feeling impulsive and joyous so he convinced a few friends to go on a 6-hour (!) impromptu canoe trip.

While upstate Izzy is working on collecting 50 signatures in Rensselaer County for the Socialist Labor Party to get on the Presidential ballot for NY.  Frank T. Johns was the SLP candidate on the ballot that year, though he died before the general election:

Now, I must end these notes with the disclaimer that there is not another letter from Izzy for 2 months.  I am only assuming at this point that those missing 2 months were spent by Izzy and Thelma happy and together in Troy.  Ah, how it warms the heart.

To Read:

The Strange Interlude by Eugene O’Neill – A Pulitzer Prize-winning, Broadway produced, play about passionate love, sordid affairs, abortion, and lies.

Proceedings of the Socialist Labor Party 17th National Convention in New York, May 1928


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