Oct 1 1928

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Oct. 1, 1928
Dear Thelma,

This morning when I got up I had no more of an idea of ever being out here than you, so that surprise is mine just as much as it is yours!!!

You see, there are conditions and forces at work which we have no control of, that have a bearing upon us. And when one is connected with a revolutionary party he is more apt to be affected. So much for vague generalities. Now for specific reasons. The S.L.P. was falling short in the required amount of signatures in the state of Conn. So they wired Troy for two available members to do the job. Mr. De Lee + I were the logical candidates so that is why I’m here. I hope I made myself clear.

I was so glad that you enjoyed the (singing fool); as far as I am concerned the picture was supreme.

I expect to be here until Friday so I will not be able to see you when you leave for New York. However you have my deepest and best wishes that you succeed and if you are calm at the hearing I am damned sure you’ll make it.

I took my violin and some music to keep in practice so you see I am able to do two things at the same time.

Remember me to Mrs. Diamond and family and tell them I expect to see them the next excursion to N.Y.C. Most likely you will be in Troy before I will so you’ll tell me all about your N.Y. trip when I get back home. Don’t forget our date for next Sunday evening. Well I am being called to duty so I’ll close with the love in universe.


P. S. Regard to all. Kiss Gert for me and I’ll pay you with interest. Do you like ice-cream????????

1928Oct01_1 1928Oct01_2 1928Oct01_3

Editor’s Notes: As Izzy explains to Thelma, he is currently in Connecticut, presumably staying at the Hotel Elm in New Haven based on the letterhead.  For the Socialist Labor Party to appear on the ballot, 50 signatures are needed in each county.  Troy is about 3 hours from New Haven, not terribly far but I do wonder why 2 volunteers from CT could not be found.  Perhaps the number of signatures needed for the state was so large that they wired for 2 volunteers from each surrounding area.  Izzy explains that himself and a Mr. De Lee were the obvious choices though he does not explain why.  Perhaps they both had flexible employment and no wife or children to care for.  

Writing on Monday Izzy expects to stay the whole week collecting signatures.  Thelma appears to be taking an excursion to NYC during the week, a practice that does not end when Izzy moves back upstate.  However, there is a specific reason for this excursion – a hearing.  It could be a trial, or a more personal opportunity to state her case to someone, or even a performance for a job or acceptance to a school.  With Izzy and Thelma living near each other again, many of life’s occurrences are happening face to face, lost to the reader of the letters.

Despite Izzy’s duties to the “revolutionary party” he’s still a 20-something in love with a young lady and wears his emotions on his sleeve.  He closes with all of the love in the universe, teases Thelma, promises kisses, and makes simple inquiries to her taste.  “Do you like ice cream????”

To Watch: The Singing Fool – a musical drama taking place in a speakeasy about main character Al Stone’s (Al Jolson) Broadway success, trials and tribulations.  For some audiences this was the first film that was “part-talkie”.  Can you imagine!?SingingFool


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