July 5 1934

July 5, 1934

Dear Thelma,

Received your Washington letter and was very pleased to hear that you found your new home better than you had expected.  It must have been a joyous scene when you arrived, and having the whole family to-gether once more.  The present social system is noted among many other things to break up families, but in this case, it worked just the other way, strange as it may seem!

What have I been doing since your departure?  Working most of the time.  Practicing and reading listlessly and feeling blue as blue can be.  I am told that while my malady is dangerous it is not fatal.  It seems to me however, that I might not survive it.


Editor’s Notes: Short & Dark…or perhaps the rest of the letter has been lost.  The good news is that Izzy does survive the loneliness and writes again a week later.


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