July 18 1934


Dear Thelma,

Well it happened!  Last Saturday night Ann had a little girl, at 9:30 P.M.  Her name is Bernice.  Ann is doing fine and will be home in a week.  She wants to be remembered to you and your folks.

The reason for this hurried letter is to find out from you, whether there is an excursion to N.Y. from Washington this coming Sunday and if you are going to meet me?  Do you need any money?  Why haven’t you answered my last letter to you?  You have me worried.  I hope nothing is wrong.  Please answer me as soon as possible, by air mail.

I received both special delivery letters from you, but you said in the last one that you were going to write me the next day and here it is Wednesday already.  Thelma I can hardly wait to get a glimpse of you, so don’t fail to write me, the moment you get this note.

Everyone here wishes to be remembered and sends their regards.


P.S. If there isn’t an excursion this coming Sunday from Washington to N.Y. let me know when there is one.

Editor’s Notes: Ann was Izzy’s sister and Uncle Izzy had a new niece, Bernice.

Any postal mail enthusiasts out there?  From Troy to D.C. that seems like a lot of stamps to have.  DEL? RMS?  Why is Thelma sending special delivery mail when Izzy clearly wants her to send “air mail”.  So many mysteries of the world.

The envelope reveals what clothing store Izzy was working at at the time: Rockne Clothes in Troy, NY and check out those prices!



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