July 26 1934


July 26, 1934

Dear Thelma,

Received your letter and…mixed feeling about your…a piano.  At first I…to hear it was a Steinway,…that’s what I am (Stein-way!)…when I thought a little while it became apparent to me that this piano might be (instrumental) in keeping you in Washington, and therefore, away from me.  I still can’t understand what you mean when you say that you’ll work out something; it seems so vague!  But then we will have a whole week to talk it over and then maybe we can clarify matters.  Please make sure to notify me in time all about your arrival here, so that I can be waiting for you.

What has Leo to say about the father’s condition?  I hope it won’t be one of those long drawn out affairs, which will prevent him from doing things.  I still owe Leo a letter but I’ll write him when he gets back to Washington.  You can tell him all you know, of what I’ve told you in the line of news.

Talking about news, this killing of Dolfuss in Austria may be the starting point of another world war which will end up in a world revolution.  Let’s hope that this doesn’t have to be the price of the revolution, but it seems, judging by history, to be the usual forerunner.  There’s one thing certain, and that is the times we are living in are pregnant with change.  If only things would materialize sooner, just for our sakes eh?  But if they don’t soon we must make the best of it!  And you know what I mean.

I’ll be on pins and needles until you arrive.  Sunday was like a drop of water to a man dying of thirst.  It’s plenty warm here to-day, so I can imagine how it must be in the wilderness of Bronx.

Don’t forget to write me as soon as possible about the details of your arrival.  I’m closing shop now and have loads of details to take care of.  And with you on my mind I’m afraid there will be many neglected details, so with loads and loads of love.


Regards to Leo and your family when you write them.

Editor’s Notes: The ellipses represent the words we cannot see because of the torn piece of paper.  We still get what Izzy is trying to say about the piano.  Presumably, her Steinway in DC is more impressive than what she had in NY or whatever Izzy can offer her if she comes back.  Is Thelma being vague on meeting up with Izzy or vague on their relationship?  According to the envelope Thelma is staying in the Bronx and it sounds like her and Izzy will have a week together.  During which I’m sure there will be tortured conversations about what they mean to each other and what their future together may look like.

Next we move to world news and the Nazi assassination of Engelbert Dollfuss, Chancellor of Austria that happened just the day before.  Dollfuss was a conservative Christian whose government was responsible for the execution of several Socialist Party leaders.  In under a month Hitler will become Fuhrer of Germany.  Izzy was hoping for one kind of revolution but another was on the horizon, one of unimaginable cruelties.  Here’s a link to another blog that talks more about Dolfuss http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/08/assassination-of-engelbert-dollfuss.html

The world news certainly puts the personal matters in perspective.  All in all this is a pretty grim letter.  Let’s hope that after a week together Izzy and Thelma can at least solve their love problems, if not the whole WWII problem.


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