Aug 17 1934

August 17, 1934

Dear Thelma,

I spoke to Mr. Brond yesterday about getting off in time to make the night boat for N.Y. on Saturday evening, Sept 1st.  Everything is all set.  I will meet you in N.Y. on Sunday Sept 2 any place at any time which will be most convenient to you.  The boat that I take lands at pier 52, West 14th St.  Write me of your plans so that I can adjust mine accordingly.  It’s hard to wait that long, but then, there’s nothing else a body can do.  Meanwhile concentrate, on all your spare time, on how we can spend our time, without waisting one fraction of a second.

Wednesday night George, Sam + I motored up to Mechanicville to see the Italian Fiesta.  There was a mauling crowd numbering approximately 10,000.  The only thing that we enjoyed about the whole affair was the fireworks.  These lasted for 1 ½ hours.  The most dazzling and spectacular event I ever remember seeing in my whole life.

As for the differences obtaining in Section Washington don’t let that worry you.  Just avoid personalities and any grape-vine information that’s floating around.  The rest will take care of itself.  The sooner a body rids itself of toxins the better for that body.

I just saw Mr. Palmer.  He stalled me again, by promising to come in this store Wednesday of next week and pay up in full, because says he, a check is due him by then.  If he doesn’t come across by then I am going to handle him as we handle our customers.  I will inform him that he leave me no other alternative than to go to his employer to have his salary (garnashied.)  Did I spell it O.K.?

`              It rained here in Troy all day yesterday, and I would have written sooner, only that I figured I would get some money from Mr. Palmer to send along with this letter.  Both my bosses were in Troy yesterday and they pestered me with a lot of questions about business expansion.  One minute and they are crying how much money they are losing in business and the next moment, they want to expand.  If I attempted to fall in with their line of reasoning I’d go nuts.  And the only thing I’m “nuts” about is you.  At this present moment a desire has overcome me to take a look at your picture and kiss you, so here goes!  It was great and I’m going to do it often. Au revoir.


P.S. regards and then some more.

Editor’s Notes: Izzy plans to take a boat rather than the train to NYC for this next trip at the start of September, getting in at Chelsea Pier.

chelsea piers

Mechanicville, NY still celebrates the Feast of the Assumption in August.  One would have to visit to determine if the fireworks are still awe-inspirinfireworks2.jpgg.

Thelma appears to have expressed worry over the Socialist Labor Party Section in Washington, D.C.  Izzy says that gossip and negative personalities are “toxins” and should be avoided – that is his prescription.



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