Aug 20 1934

August 20, 1934

Dear Thelma,

I just received your letter (it’s now 2:20 P.M.) and am answering immediately because I feel like having a quite chat with you.  Yesterday I spent the day out in the mountains.  After dinner Dave, Marion, Mrs. Seigal, my mother and I went to Babcock Lake.  It was a wonderful day for swimming, so Dave + I swam around the lake.  And did I miss you!  I kept thinking of you from the moment I awoke until I fell asleep of a tired, lonesome feeling which overcame me the moment I got home from the country.

You say you love me more than ever and that instead of being happy, it makes you feel miserable.  I can’t see for the life of me why you should feel that way!  If only you would sit down and reason out the whole affair and then come to a difinate conclusion, you couldn’t possibly feel miserable.  To start with, I realize that we agreed to try until October to see how things turn out.  But did you ever stop and realize what really can turn out.  The probability that I will still hold my job and to drop it, in times like these surely wouldn’t be the act of a sane man, even if you did succeed in getting a half dozen of pupils.  Now from your angle the longer you stay in Washington, the harder will it be for you to leave, because you will have many irons in the fire, which will make it all the harder for you to part.  If I have the affair reasoned out right then you must act accordingly; If I’m all wrong, please present the case to me and if I’m convinced I’ll act accordingly.  In your next letter please go into the matter extensively.  Otherwise we are going to remain, I fear, “sweet-hearts” by correspondence, for an important phase in our lives.  Remember, please write concretely, not in suppositions or conjectures.

As to Palmer, I will follow your instructions to a T.  I expect him in Wednesday with a check for the full amount, according to his promise.  If I get it, I will forward it to you immediately.  Bill didn’t find any rooms in N.Y. as yet.  As soon as he does, we can take his offer into consideration otherwise, I will take a room in some hotel.  If you arrive in N.Y. Sat. evening then you can surely meet me at pier 52, which is located at the foot of West 14th St.  It’s only 12 days off and I feel like flying down right now, becuz I love you and I’m happy because of it.


P.S. Regards to all

Editor’s Notes: Dave & Marion, who I believe were a couple, came back to NY for a trip to the country, which Izzy joined.  Babcock Lake is near Grafton Lake, which Izzy’s family frequented.

Izzy hurriedly responds to Thelma’s letter in order to discuss their future together.  Him and Thelma have agreed to see how things turn out in October but Izzy thinks it over and begins pulling the plans apart with practicality.  Thelma is gaining students and creating a life of her own in Washington, D.C. which will be more difficult to leave when she’s planted roots.  Izzy is aware of the job market and thinks it foolish to leave a perfectly good job.  What are they to do then?  If they do nothing, they will just continue to be “sweethearts by correspondence”, clearly not an ideal situation.  He begs Thelma to think critically and speak concretely.  He’s very concerned with particulars and assuring their future together.  Thelma’s desires seem to be split between being in Washington and being with Izzy.  She surely wishes she did not have to choose.


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