Sept 12, 1934

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1934

Most precious Sweetheart in the whole world;

I am very sorry that my last letter was of a scolding nature and I swear to you, that no matter what ever arises between us, I will maintain a more congenial attitude.  As far as I am concerned the incident is closed.  And do I love you?  More than everything else in the world put to-gether, believe me.  Your letter made me feel ashamed of myself and moved me to tears.  If only I could hold you in my arms, I could better express my feelings, than all words could convey I’m over anxious to hear from you when we can meet each other in N.Y. again.  Although it’s a little over a week since I saw you it seems like eons of ages have elapsed.  Whenever it’s convenient to you to look up and decide a day for our meeting each other, do so and let me know the details, so that I will have something definite to look forward to.

I was very glad to hear that you like your new residence.  There’s nothing to make a person feel on the upgrade more than a pleasant, cheerful surroundings.  Bill has finely found rooms in Troy so he has decided to concentrate here.  He is going to live on Third St. upstairs over the Troy Book Store.  The rooms are very large and light.  It is newly papered and decorated and steam-heated.  Most of the pupils are continuing with Bill, and he has a few prospects.  Even Regina Baccus is continuing and according to Bill has found a new interest in the violin.  His studio will be large enough to hold rehearsals for a string orchestra which he intends to form.  I hope he can learn to control himself, earn a living and stay put instead of wandering around chasing rainbows.

Monday night, Jake Alexander took sick and Sam when to Pittsfield Mass. to hear Aken, so “Chappy” Gorman acted as chairman and I as main-speaker.  I was in my best form and we had the biggest meeting we had this year so far.  Larger than any of Aran Orange’s meetings.  The crowd numbering from 250 to 300 stuck right to the end of the meeting.  Being the last speaker I had to answer questions.  And I never remember an S.L.P. meeting in Troy where there was so many questions.  No sooner did I answer one, then another person followed up the last question along the same line.  Here was some of the questions.  Does the speaker think the American working class has any intelligence?  If the workers have intelligence as the speaker affirms, why do they continue to vote for political parties which are opposed to their interests?  What will prevent the officers of the Socialist Industrial Unions from usurping power and then becoming the new ruling class?  One listener even asked whether the party believe in God.  These questions afforded me the opportunity to touch very pertinent points in a striking way.  All I wish was that you were there.

The Bickweats can’t move from where they are now living until Pugatsky removes his furniture to his new flat.  Then we intend to move before the winter sets in.

Write me a long letter as soon as you can telling me that you love me as much as I love you and only then will my restless, lonesome feeling be abated.  Don’t forget details about your routine and progress in Washington.  As for myself my job consumes most of my time.  When I get home I read as usual, practice my instruments when I’m not too tired, and dream of you with my eyes open and shut.


P.S. Remember me to all the Steins, Bryans + Banks.  Please advise me about Mr. Palmer.  Shall I continue to visit him and accept his refusals or shall I give him the “works” —- high pressure?

Editor’s Notes: After the emotional turmoil of Sept 10th letter we can breathe a sigh of relief at Sept 12th’s “make-up” letter.  It was a  very quick postal service that mended their hearts.  It is an important reminder that relationships have their ups and downs but when you communicate your feelings and put yourself in the other person’s shoes you can move past most things.  

It’s clear they’re still a couple but the question of whether Thelma will move back to Troy to be with Izzy is still in the air.  However, it is a question less spoken of now that the family has voiced their concerns to Izzy.  Izzy does write at length of Bill and his new studio that is large enough for rehearsals and many of his students are staying with him.  This could be intended to persuade Thelma that she could continue teaching piano in Troy; that there were enough pupils and space to make a living.  On a side note, I have not found anything about the book store on 3rd street that Bill is living above.

The Stein family has moved from 3701 14th St. NW to 1861 California St. NW.  Check out for pictures and maps.

Next, we get to hear about another Socialist Labor Party meeting.  Other senior members are not in attendance so Izzy is the main speaker; Sam went to hear John W. Aiken who had been the SLP’s vice presidential nominee and would be their presidential nominee in 1940.  Here’s a great post about Aiken and his candidacy

Aaron Orange would run as Aiken’s vice presidential nominee in 1940 so to have a larger crowed than him is impressive.  I would love to find out where they held their meetings, it must have been able to hold 300 people at least.  One mention of a Socialist Labor Party talk given by James Connolly, about the Irish SLP party places them at Tibbits Mansion (Hall) at 303 River St.  Unfortunately, Izzy does not tell us what his own speech was about but he does recount the question and answer period.  The crowd’s fears are still echoing in today’s presidential race.  What will stop anyone from having too much power?  How can we truly have equality?  Why is there such a divide between Americans on what equality means?  I wish we could have heard his answers.


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