Jan 14 1935

Monday, January 14, 1935


Received your letter concerning union dues and phoned immediately to the President of the Musical Union, who promised to take it up with the board.  The fact that you are out of town will make it easier and the fact that I know Mr. Eichelshimer personally makes it almost certain that you will be carried over until the 21st of this month.  I could pay this dues had you informed me about it 1 day sooner.  To-day I paid Dr. Connelly 5.00 on my bill and I subscribed for 1 yr to a magazine on Russia, so I’m a little short on funds until pay-day.  Then again, I don’t want to borrow any money from Sam because, I feel indebted enough just now, so you can see, I am caught a little short.

I can hardly wait until Sunday morning for a glimpse of you!  It’s been a long long time.  Please don’t agree to stay one moment longer or I’ll die of lonesomeness.  Your train arrives earlier than mine so you will meet me at the Grand Central Sunday morning at 10:30 A.M.  If you are takeing a different train please write me when and where to meet you.  Don’t forget it’s very important.

In my last letter to you (which you must have received by now) I spoke of selling a train-ticket.  Don’t pay any attention to that remark I was under the influence of morphine.  What I should have said is I will buy a return ticket.

If we get a chance we will go to see a Russian picture playing at the Acme named Chapeav.  I read a review on this picture and it’s supposed to be a marvel.  And if we can find the time we’ll try to squeeze in Don Quixote.  But we’ll talk that over in N.Y.C.  Heard a pretty good story the other day and I must tell you about it.  A little boy visiting the zoo for the first time went over to the deer cage and was very much impressed by the animal.  He asked a man standing near him what kind of an animal it was.  “A deer” answers the man.  “What is a deer?” asked the boy.  “What does your mother call your father every morning?” asked the man of the boy.  Then the boy said “Don’t tell me that’s a louse.”  hain’t that funny eh?  I’m going to stop writing but never loving you.


P.S. Write me very soon and regards to all.

Editor’s Notes: There must have been a letter between this one and the last because Izzy says he wrote about selling a ticket when he was under the influence of morphine but that is not mentioned in the Jan 8th letter.  Anyways, it is getting closer to the time that Thelma will arrive home from D.C. and they will meet in NYC at “the Grand Central”.


(Picture from the NYPL Digital Collections IMAGE ID96642)

Thelma is most likely a member of Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802, and needs her coverage to continue, despite missing paying her dues.  I am unsure if Izzy could read Russian but he was certainly interested in the happenings of Russia and wanted to keep abreast of Stalin’s regime.  Purchasing a magazine subscription and paying $5 (about $88 today – http://www.dollartimes.com/calculators/inflation.htm) towards a doctor’s bill put Izzy in the red.

Fun Fact: Morphine became a controlled substance in 1914 and could only be obtained (legally) with a prescription for painkillers.

To Watch: Adventures of Don Quixote a Spanish adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes’ book “Don Quixote”

Chapeav, available for purchase or possible illegal download, was the story of Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev, a hero of the Russian Civil War.  The film won awards in the US and was based on the book of the same title by Dmitry Furmanov.


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