Jan 18 1935

Friday, January 18, 1935

Dearest, Sweetheart,

Just received your letter and I hasten to reply.  Sunday morning seems so far off, that I can hardly contain myself.  There will be no question of being able to obtain a return ticket.  I wish it was Sunday morning already!  Just got back from the Doctor.  He says I am the fastest healer he has ever known.  He also says it won’t be long before I won’t have to go up to be treated.

Yesterday a card arrived from Miss Yellowby stating that she hopes you had a very nice time and expects you up to her house on Wednesday Jan 23nd at 2 P.M.

This morning I completed reading Hugh S. Johnson’s article in the Saturday Evening Post re N.R.A.  The purpose of these series of articles he says is to voice his personal criticism (now that he is no longer an official) of the methods employed by the present officials.  You would think after reading the preface that he would have something to say.  But after reading it, it reminds one of the story about the babies that were lost in the woods.

I hope you are reading The Weekly People while you are in Washington.  In the last two issues there was an installment of a survey of international conditions by Joseph Stalin.  These are remarkable for their comprehension, clarity, simplicity.  Make it your business to read these installments, if you haven’t done so already.

Last night I was playing your melody on the viola and tacked an ending on.  My mother liked it very well and asked me to repeat it.  I couldn’t do it again to save my life.  By the way, I hope you haven’t abandoned the idea of improvising.  Do it a lot before and after practising.  I think it’s a darn good idea.  It’s getting busy in the store and I must get out there and help Tony, darn it!  So take good care of yourself, you belong to me.


Regards with gusto.

Editor’s Notes: Thelma will return from her family visit in two day’s time.  Izzy is nearly recovered from whatever was ailing him and life for the Socialist Musician will be whole again.  

Hugh S. Johnson was a speech writer for FDR and the impassioned head of the NRA (National Recovery Administration).  The NRA was a New Deal agency focused on creating fair practices and set prices to eliminate competition that only depressed the economy more.  It was ruled unconstitutional in 1935 but resulted in the growth of unions which was popular with blue collar workers.  The NRA was symbolized by a blue eagle which appear on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post while Hugh S. Johnson was writing his articles about the Administration.





You can spot the NRA eagle in the upper left, above the date.  The articles do not appear to be freely digitized so when you’re out at the flea markets this season look for the Post with the NRA symbol!




The Weekly People is Izzy’s main source of SLP news and Stalin did in fact write articles for the publication at that time.  You can find the articles here, here, and here.

Music remains a constant in the young couple’s lives and is a source of joy to share together.  Thelma seems to be composing her own songs and Izzy has improvised an ending.  He encourages her to improvise as well, of course after she’s done her serious practicing.  Interestingly, “practise” is the correct spelling if you are using it as a verb in the UK while “practice” is used as a noun.  It’s probably unlikely that Izzy is following UK grammar rules but at least he’s not incorrect!  As for spelling his name “Izzy” or “Issie” that’s just a matter of his preference at the time.


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