Apr 30 1935

Tuesday April 30, 1935

Dear Thelma,

Just received your letter (it’s now 2:30 P.M.) and how welcome it was!  Being dark and gloomy to-day on account of rain, business good and rotten, you can just imagine the joy I experienced to hear that all went and is well.  I’m not going to say I miss you frightfully because that might interfere with you enjoying yourself thoroughly.  Please make sure to have a good time then I’ll be more than satisfied.  If you don’t I’ll kick hell out of you when you get back, D’you hear me?

Sunday after I left you I went back home and tried to sleep but couldn’t so I read several articles in the May Day Magazine.  After dinner Sam + I took a walk up Prospect Park expecting to see a ball game but we were a week previous.  We then went over to the tennis courts where I fell asleep and Sam watched over me.  When I woke Sam smilingly said “Well Iss, if snoreing was an outdoor sport you’d be the local champ”.  When we returned from the Park I practised for a while.  In the evening I listened into the Chase + Sandborn hour and enjoyed hearing the Major Bob’s amateurs.  This was followed by the Ford hour with Mischa Levitski as soloist.  His playing was exceptionally good that night, and it made me feel very sentimental.  I wonder why!  Before retireing Sam + I took a long walk.  Monday morning I awoke and found out I was dreaming about you.  I’ll tell you all about it when you get here.

I wrote Leo a couple of times inquiring about his new violin and nary a word did I hear regarding it!  Now will you be so kind and write me your impression of the fiddle.  It should be a dandy because he bought it from the man who played fiddle for the Czar.

Saturday my Father and mother are leaving for Grafton for the summer.  The country being beautiful they certainly couldn’t go any place that is nicer.  Most likely I’ll spend next Sunday in Grafton sun bathing if the weather is right for it.

Last nite we rehearsed at Doc. Birney’s.  I told the Doc unless we get down to work on some number and work it out, to sound like something, I wasn’t going to come to any more rehearsal.  Result was we accomplished something.  By that, I mean, we played thru an entire quartette and made it sound as if the composer had a purpose in putting down black dots on 4 different parts, instead of the usual free-for-all that so delights Doc. Birney.

As I sit here writing the clouds are lifting and the sun in smiling thru.  Sitting here I feel that I’m right next to you kissing your hands.

Your letter brought good luck!  Until it came to-day there was not a customer in the store; it’s now 5:30 P.M. and I’ve done more than $100.00 all ready.  For Brond’s sake I should get a letter from you every day.

I’m expecting a very “newsy” letter from you all about Gert + Mac, Celia + Sam, the section’s activities etc + etc.

To-night there’s an educational meeting at the rooms, so you know where I’ll be.  I’ll answer your next letter pronto, so don’t worry I’m like Old Faithful.  Well Sweetheart I’m signing off with more love than can possibly be expressed in these few pages.


Warmest regards to all.  A special one to Milton.

P.S. Write me if you need any money.

Editor’s Notes: Thelma is in D.C. again visiting family it seems and though it’s only April Izzy’s family is ready to head to Grafton and Izzy thinks about sunbathing.  In New York April 2016 we currently have fresh snow on the ground!  Izzy has a filled Sunday with his brother Sam though mostly it was filled with walking and sleeping.  There was also some violin practice, reading, and listening to music – all of Izzy’s favorite things except for Thelma.

Thelma’s brother Leo has a new violin, supposedly purchased from a fellow who played fiddle for the Czar.  Izzy is anxious to hear of the instrument and asks Thelma for her impressions since she is a musician herself.

There were Birney’s living in Troy at the time but I do not believe the “Doc.” referred to doctor since most seemed to only finish high school (at most) and worked in the fish business.  Izzy considers himself a serious musician, he tried to make it in NYC for goodness sake, so the usual free-for-all that Birney enjoys only frustrates Izzy.  

To Read: May Day Magazine was a Yiddish publication of the Jewish Federation of the Socialist Party.  The magazine is not available but here is a history of the JFSP.

To Listen to: The Chase and Sanborn HourMajor Bowe’s Original Amateur Hour – Chase & Sanborn Coffee advertised that every bag sold, gave amateurs a chance to perform on the radio program like Frank Sinatra and the Three Flashes with special guests like Mae West (in 1937 her portrayal of Eve in the Garden of Eden got her in some censorship trouble) and Groucho Marx


Mischa Levitzki on the Ford Sunday Evening Hour which, unfortunately, has no archives online.


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