May 7 1935

Tuesday May 7, 1935

Dear Sweetheart,

Just received your most welcome letter and believe me, it is acting like a tonic!  It’s been raining cats + dogs.  Along comes your letter and it stops raining.  This is the second time this has happened and if it were not for the fact that I’m not a superstitious person, I would believe you were possessed with some supernatural powers.  It was ever my belief that you had charm but I never suspected it could affect the heavens.  I know better now.  You’re not a sorceress, you’re a good fairy that watches over me.  This reminds me of a movie I saw recently called “Good Fairy” with Margaret Sullivan.  It was extremely entertaining.  Frank Morgan + Miss Sullivan did a splendid job.  If you get a chance to see in Washington, don’t miss it.  Last Sunday I went to see “Cardinal Richelieu” at the Troy.  This was also worthwhile and I would have enjoyed it much more if you were only sitting alongside me and our hands locked.

You say you will be in New York Sunday at 12:25 but don’t mention where.  Will it be at Penn Station or will you come via Baltimore + Ohio?  Let me know definitely where to meet you.  I will see to it that Rose has a woman come in to help clean up the house.  On account of the raining weather we have had here the folks haven’t left for Grafton as yet.  However just as soon as it warms up a little they’ll leave.

Have you read this week People yet?  Don’t miss reading an article by W.R.K. on Communist activities in Germany.  It’s a gem!  Sam + Dave attended the N.B.C. meeting in N.Y. last Saturday.  I’ll tell you all about it when I see you.  Why do you ignore my question regarding the kind of a violin Leo got from Peltz?  Did he get stuck again?

So Mioff, says you have good schooling and that’s a compliment seeing that it comes from him!  Listen to me, I haven’t seen this fellow and may be every bit of the musician you say he is but I think he’s a punk.  By a punk I mean a lop-sided person, who is carried away by his own importance.  The great Mioff says you have good schooling.  Tell him I said to jump in the Patomic and tie a weight to his neck.  I picture him as a person to be listened to when he performs or teaches but not to associate with socially.  Another Pugatsky, perhaps more able and polished, but an egomaniac.  If my impression is right, don’t let him discourage you, on the other hand if I’m wrong, he should an aid, to point out some constructive criticisms.

Please write me soon answering the questions scattered in the letter and write me your impressions of Mioff.

Need I tell you how much I love you?


Regards indefinately.

Editor’s Notes: 

penn station.jpg
Penn Station 1935 (

Thelma will be returning to Troy at the end of the week but she has two train options and has failed to let Izzy know which she is using.  She could get in at Penn Station or take the Balitmore & Ohio Line (B&O, Royal Blue) into Grand Central.

It seems that Leo got his new fiddle from Philip Pelz, former conductor of the Russian court, or as Izzy said, he played for the Czar.  This is the longest description of Pelz that I could find.  But, perhaps, he’s been had since nobody will write of the shining new fiddle.

It looks like Sam attended an NBC meeting, actually it looks like N8C but I cannot figure out what either of those things would be!

Finally, Izzy writes of Mioff who must have spoken to Thelma, and praised her piano skills, while Izzy was away.  We’ve read before of Izzy getting jealous of other musicians praising or trying to correct his Thelma, so this may be jealousy speaking.  He only knows Mioff through Thelma’s stories and he certainly does not like the sound of him.

Royal Blue 1939 (

To Watch:  In “The Good Fairy” Margaret Sullavan plays a young woman from an orphanage who makes up a fake husband causing more complications for herself and the man she “chose”.


“Cardinal Richelieu” depicts the life of a 17th century French statesman and his dealings with Louis XIII.  It stars George Arliss, Maureen O’Sullivan, and Edward Arnold.  Cesar Romero was in both films Izzy saw that week.


To Read: The Weekly People article “The German Communistic Crazy-Quilt” by W.R.K. (unknown who W.R.K. is/was).  


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