Dec 29 1938

December 29, 1938

Dear Thelma,

Sam brought me your letter this afternoon (4:30) which was more than a tonic to a love sick husband.  I sure would be home Monday but for the attention that I must pay in getting my father do certain things which needs dogged persistence.  Tact, patience, and above all insistence on following thru necessary certain treatment will tie me here for another week.  So although my mind and energies are concentrated on the job on hand my heart is in Washington.

He is drinking more water and eating more fruits now.  The vegetable juicer is quite a thing and this is a great source of getting fresh fruit + vegetable juices, marvelous for a man in his condition, who has no teeth to eat solid foods.  Last night for the first time in a long time he had a full night of rest, and he looked very good this morning.  All day he has been feeling a little better than usual.  If we can keep this up perhaps he may be conditioned to be able to attempt a trip to Florida.

Mrs. Taylor was over here to see me yesterday.  We had a long chat and she insists that I go to hear Lester if I remain in Troy at the time.  She is looking very good and wishes to be remembered to the whole family.

You couldn’t have pleased George any more no matter how you tried than with that letter you sent him.  He thinks you are quite a flatterer.  Anyhow he is every bit as pleased about your coat as you are.  And there is positively no way that I can induce him to take a red penny from us.  But I’ll even up somehow, you can bet on that.

Those pictures you sent were great!  Pop was tickled pink and called you a Cossack.  I’ll bring them back with me as per your request.  I was very pleased of your thoughtfulness in regards to sending me Albaugh’s address.  I sure will write him.  I’ve been telling my brothers about that marvelous spirit of his.

You didn’t mention a thing about that little Viennese-jewish girl pianist I wrote you about in my letter to you.  Did you make inquiries as to what night she is to play with the Philharmonic and if there is to be a broadcast of the concert?  I think it’s Friday night and if there isn’t a broadcast of this concert watch for the write-up.

How are you progressing on the piano?  What new numbers have you memorized?  Write me in detail on your work, play.

For diversion I am reading The Brothers Ashkenazi by Singer.  This novel treats with life of the Jews of Poland and it is especially interesting to me and my father to whom I read it to, because we are from that very part of Poland, which belonged to Russia.  This extremely interesting novel shows some cause for the anti-Semitism prevalent in Europe.  Thelma if it is at all possible for you to read it, do so, because I’m sure you’ll get some kick out of it.

Well, I got a lot of duties to take care of so I’ll sign off holding my breath until I hear from you.

My very fondest regards to the whole family and remember me to our friends and comrades.

Thelma, who loves you more than anyone else in this world?


P.S. I love you.

Editor’s Notes: Izzy is at the age now where he must care for elderly parents.  They have now been married for 4 years and Izzy must leave the matrimonial nest to see to his father.

Thelma is thrilled with her new coat and sent along pictures of her wearing it, looking like a Cossack, according to Izzy’s father.  The families are close after living side by side in Troy for many years so everyone is always sending their regards to everyone else.

The Viennese-Jewish girl from the last letter, Hilde Somer, must have been playing with the National Symphony Philharmonic.  Yale has many of her papers but I do not see a recording or a write-up of this performance.

To Read: The Brothers Ashkenazi by Israel Joshua Singer – find it at your library.  Izzy mentions that they are from a part of Poland that was, at the time, ruled by Russia.  Wikipedia has a nice page with a time lapse map.


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