Feb 11 1939

Saturday February 11, 1939

Dear Thelma –

My “patient” has been feeling good all day yesterday, all through the night and to-day it’s now 1:30 P.M. and he is still up and around.  Dorthy Torre just came up from N.Y. to spend the week end up here and Pop is delighted!  If this only keeps up.  All of a sudden his head may get heavy, then he gets chills and begins to cough and almost chokes.  By the time you receive this letter Dave will have gotten one from me wherein a description of my father’s condition is more fully described.

In my eagerness (which borders on madness) to see you my selfishness has gotten the best of me.  For you to make a trip up here for two or three days, which is as long as you can stay, the price you are to pay is almost too much, even though you would use Eve’s pass.  Consider this before you come up here, sweetheart.  Still, if I don’t see you soon I’ll go nuts!  So while I’d give my left arm (I’m left-handed you know) to have you in my arms the senseable thing would be for you to — Oh! hell come on up! To hell with being senseable!

As for sending you money, please sweetheart, you must take this money because I know it is absolutely necessary.  Just leave the whole matter to me and trust me.  I’m sure you can use the money.  Whatever money you can’t use put in the bank.  We can talk the matter over privately when we see each other.  Please, let the matter stand as I put it until then.  I’m inclosing $4.00 this time because I need just one dollar for myself.

Please send me my unemployment insurance card as soon as you can.  I’m going to try to get the money up here, in accordance with instructions I received from Celia.

Did you call Barbour?  What did he say?

As for clothes I won’t need anything at all.  What ever I am short of I wear of Sam’s or George’s.

Sweetheart, I’m always thinking of you, because I’m mad about you and if I ever land in a “nut-house” you’ll be the reason.

I’m also inclosing snap-shots of the head that I sculptured.  It’s my first attempt, darling.  Write me what you think about it.

Kiss your mother for me and tell her I miss her very much.  Believe me, she’s wonderful, that’s all I can say.  And the same goes for your Dad.  Extend my best wishes to the rest of the family and regards to all the comrades.

In my spare time I’m getting in some reading which I’m sorely in need of.  Practise once in a while and noodle around with the clay.  Guess I’ve got the “bug” for it.

The sun is shining in thru the window very strongly and hitting my back.  It is a very beautiful day so I guess I’m going to take a big walk for myself and keep your face in my mind.

Who loves you, everlastingly?


P.S. Will write Celia and Esther soon.

P.S.S. Am inclosing the negatives.  Maybe Sam or Milton can do a few enlargements.

Editor’s Notes: Izzy is still taking care of his father who has good days and bad days.  Visits from friends and family seem to always account for a good day.  Camaraderie and love is his best medicine.  For Izzy to see his love Thelma would also do him a  world of good.  He has been the support for his family for months and he needs his own support system near him.  Thelma helps take his mind off the family troubles and what he’s saying is “I need you, Thelma”.  He also wants to feel useful to her even when he can’t be physically present so he is sending money.  Thelma seems to have said that it isn’t necessary but he insists.  He needs only one dollar for himself!  

Every now and then the couple will send snap-shots through the mail.  Thelma on the beach or in her new fur coat and this time Izzy has sent a photo of the clay bust he’s molded.  I wish we had found the snap-shots with the letters!

Izzy is adamant that his best wishes be extended to Thelma’s parents, saying only to believe him that they are wonderful.  Maybe her mother sent him a special letter or care package?  Maybe the time spent with his own parents makes him also appreciate his in-laws?  Either way, he is missing that other family of his and needing all of their loving support.


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