March 3, 1939

March 3, 1939

Dear Thelma,

I’m hurrying off this note to you so that you will get the inclosed money by Saturday.

Yesterday and to-day was almost spring days with plenty of sunshine.  Pop has been feeling much better and his spirit is excellent.  He looks forward now to a spring and summer of fishing out in Grafton.

My mother however has us all worried now.  Her toe has her laid up in bed and we are all uneasy on account of this.  If it is as nice to-morrow or perhaps Sunday, I’m going to pack up the folks and take them out to Grafton to spend the day.

Write me how you are feeling and how you are doing in regards to the piano.  Best regards and wishes to all the folks.  Sweetheart, I’m madly in love with you.


P.S. Yep! I’m in love with you.


Editor’s Notes: Izzy and Thelma had time together for some period between Feb 19th and this March 3rd letter.  Before she came to visit it was snowing and his father was only doing a little better.  Izzy was hoping to get him out to Grafton one last time this Spring before his father couldn’t manage it anymore.  Now he is optimistically looking forward to an active spring in Grafton.  However, the gangrene on his mother’s toe has not gone away and worries have shifted to her wellbeing.  It was just a quick note to update Thelma and Izzy will sit down another time to write more.


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