March 31 1939

March 31, 1939

Dear Thelma,

Hearing your voice over the phone the other night has left me with a mingled feeling which I can’t overcome.  The joy of hearing you speak left me at that time almost speechless but hearing you cry also has me bewildered even now.  Sweetheart, darling we are caught in a predicament over which we are almost helpless.  There is nothing a body can do but to bear up the best he or she is capable of.  I will see you most likely next Friday or Saturday then we can go over the whole matter to-gether, once more.

I called up Dave Levinstein as per your phone call and we talked over the trip to Washington.  He is leaving Troy next Thursday and expects to stay over one night in New York and one night in Philadelphia landing in Washington on Saturday.  He is going to call me up to make final arrangements and when he does I will inform you pronto!

Pop has gotten over his attack for the last few days and is feeling a little better tho much weaker.  Mom’s foot is coming along pretty good.  It won’t be long now before she will be restored to “normal”.  George is much better now but he cannot leave the house for another couple of days.  And this is going to cause us a bit of trouble.  Not being able to report at the employment insurance office in person, his checks are going to be withheld for a two or three weeks, because of the ruling in regards to such matters.  It’s a form of the Penal system.  More about this when I see you next Saturday.

I’ve been expecting a letter from you for the last couple of days and as yet no letter!  What I’m anxious to know is the results of your recital.  I’m going to pause now until the next mail to see if your letter will arrive later to-day.

Well it’s now 2:30 P.M. And I haven’t received your letter so I can go on without answering any queries.

Just got a phone call from Art Levinstein.  He wants to play duets Sunday morning so I guess it will be duets Sunday morning.

Sweetheart I’m so lonesome for a sight of you that I’m afraid I’ll go “nuts”.  The minutes that are going to pass between now and when I see you Saturday are going to be like eons.  Even as you read these lines you are being loved and kissed by


P.S. Again I love you and extend my best wishes and regards to the whole family and comrades.

P.S.S. Read Petersen’s article in the W.P. this week.  It’s a WOW.

Editor’s Notes: Just a quick letter between the last phone call and Thelma’s next letter.  It must have been heart-wrenching for him to hear Thelma cry over the phone.  The good news is they will see each other in one week.  I’m sure Izzy will spend plenty of every minute with Thelma but he does also have plans to play the violin with a friend (possibly the younger brother of the Levenstein driving him from Troy to DC).

To Read: In the April 1st issue of Weekly People a speech by Arnold Petersen titled “Industrial Feudalism on the March” was published.  Page onepage two and page three.


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