1939 Apr 24

April 24, 1939

Dear Thelma –

Not having heard from you in almost a week I’m getting worried.  Why didn’t you answer my last letter?  I hope everything is O.K.  How is your ankle?  Did the swelling go down?

The reason I didn’t send you any money last week is because there has been some delay in mail on George’s insurance checks.  Rest assured that I will make up the money as soon as possible.  Please don’t worry on this account.

My mother’s toe is almost completely healed.  There’s still a very small open wound.  This is being watched very closely and there is no reason why it shouldn’t heal completely.  As for Pop there’s little to say in addition to what I have already said.  He is simply shrinking away.  Now he only weighs 132 lbs and is very weak.  This condition in spite of the most careful attention as to his diet and care.  If only the weather would warm up and stay warm then perhaps, being out in Grafton a favorable change would take place.  But it has been raining up here almost every day last week and it is raining to-day.  As for me, I’m going to fight his illness while there’s a breath of life in him.

The rest of the family is O.K. and sends their best regards.  My driving is coming along much slower than I expected.  However I’m sticking right to it until the job is completed.  George says that the fault is not wholly mine.  Learning to drive on a junky car, which doesn’t respond properly is an obstacle and a damned difficult one at that.

What’s news at 1658 Park Road?  How’s everybody and everything?  How are you coming along on the piano?  What are Leo’s plans in regards the orchestra?

Sweetheart, though it’s a week since I left you, I feel as though ages have gone by.  My predicament is indeed a discouraging one but I’m buoyed up by your understanding and love.  Darling when I do come back I’m positive that we will be the happiest couple in the whole world.

Write me as soon and as often as you can because your letters are the only source of energy I have.  Extend my best wishes to the entire family and the comrades.


P.S. Just reminded myself of a very important part of this note.  I’m madly in love with you, sweetheart.

Editor’s Notes: Izzy makes it clear that he is still very much involved in his parents’ health and will not be returning to D.C. until he deems them well.  This could be much longer than he anticipated since progress seems to be very slow and sometimes going backwards.  Thelma has been supportive in allowing him this, if only because she has no choice.  Izzy promises that once he returns to their marital life they will be the happiest couple in the world.


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