1939 May 5

May 5, 1939

Dear Thelma –

To-day is the first decent day we’ve had in over a week and even then it wasn’t too warm.  After lunch Pop, Mom and I drove out to Grafton where we spent the afternoon getting things ready for our coming out there to stay for the summer months.  It’s certainly surprising how much better Pop feels out in the mountain air.  He doesn’t cough half as much and he is “on the go” from the moment he gets there until he leaves.  Most likely the climate out there is going to help him considerably.

As I told you in my last letter my plans are (if nothing unforeseen occurs) to get my father + mother established out there and then I will try to get Rose to take over.  If she will be able to handle the job satisfactorily then I will be enabled to return.

Thelma, sweetheart, please continue to be considerate and patient with me.  Under the present circumstances there’s nothing else that can be done but what I’m doing.  Believe me, this whole business is the most trying experience in all my long life.  Your patience, darling is quite a consolation, which I will never forget.

With all the war propaganda and national hysteria being wooped up by the capitalist class thru its various agencies little wonder is it that Albaugh was heckled.  The time is not far off when it will be actually dangerous to open one’s mouth in opposition to the current of Democratic Totalitarianism.  While this treatment is nothing new to the S.L.P. it’s my opinion that our section should confine our outdoor meetings in a city other than a capitol city.  Incidentally the party’s experience bears me out or to put it properly it’s vice-versa.

That collection of $45.00 was sensational!  Keep up the good work.

Do I love my terribly lonesome sweetheart?  Well all I can say is if I were given to writing as I am to talking or love-making you would a receive a love letter so big you’d be an old lady before you finished reading it.

Darling, please write me more often and more details about yourself.

I will send you some cash Monday which you will most likely receive Tuesday or the following day.

Here’s the latest news from Troy.  Frank Kur the guy who married the Buckey girl and the brother of Kur the fender repair man who live on Division St., was slugged and killed in Philadelphia Wednesday.

How’s everyone in the family?  Anything new on the symphony matter? I’m holding my breath til I hear from you, you monkey.


P.S. Regards and best wishes to all from all. I’m crazy about you!!

Editor’s Notes: Thelma attended or maybe even helped facilitate a local Socialist Labor Party meeting and has relayed the details to Izzy in her previous letter.  The Albaugh that was heckled was probably Arla A. Albaugh, who ran for Vice President alongside Teichert on the SLP ticket in 1944 against FDR.  Is Izzy suggesting that the meetings move somewhere less visible to the opposition?  Meanwhile, the government was concerned with propaganda from Germany and Japan but also from our own countrymen; Communists and groups supposedly espousing the benefits of Totalitarianism.  People were fearful and an enemy you know is less daunting than an unknown.

The only other bit of news in this letter is about the death, or murder, of a local man.  On May 2, 1939 Frank Kur was found beaten to death in his new green coup in West Fairview, across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, not in the city of Philadelphia.  On May 6th, the Harrisburg Telegraph published more details.  Kur was on a business trip, he’d set up meetings with potential clients for the Exhibit Sales Company which he had an interest in.  He’d checked into the Alva Hotel and then had dinner at 8pm, after dinner he headed to a bar on the West Shore, of which there were many, though the coroner said there was no alcohol in his stomach.  Details between then and 1AM when he was killed were unclear and a motive was not discovered.  Most likely he was an easy target as a lone traveler and was robbed and dumped since no money was found on his body.  His wife Lilly Kur nee Buckey identified his body.  She hadn’t seen him since September but they were keeping in touch through letters.



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