1939 May 8

May 8, 1939

Dear Thelma –

Yesterday the whole clan of Bickweats gathered out in the Grafton to start the season right.  The weather was all that anyone could ask for so a good time was had by all but yours truly.  I was so lonesome and blue that in order to hide my innermost feeling I started to clean, sweep, wash the entire first floor and rearrange the furniture.  Dave, Marion and Benny and Jerry Seigal fell right in with me and in three hours of real thorough work we got things looking ship shape.

To-day I’m sweeping and washing all the floors upstairs.  The rest of the week will be devoted to wood chopping.  In the late afternoon (yesterday) Sam and I got out in the rowboat in the middle of the reservoir and took an excellent sun-bath.  After the gang left for Troy and the folks went to sleep I had an acute attacks of the blues.  I finally cried myself to sleep.  Only the extreme necessity of me being here stops me from leaving right now.  Remember if you miss me (and I know you do) just think of what in this whole world could keep me from you but a situation like this.

Most likely you received my last letter with the 10.00.  From now on you will receive money regularly without delay.

I decided that it would be best for you to continue to write me at this address because I would have to walk to the State road to get mail thus leaving my folks alone.  We are having the phone connected to-day out in Grafton so I will be informed when your letter gets here.

What’s news down in Washington?  How is the entire family?  I’m expecting a long newsy letter from you.

Everything and everyone up here is quite the same as when I wrote you last.  My driving is coming along slowly but surely.  If our car wasn’t so junky I’m sure I’d do much better.

Say, by the way, what’s news regarding Dave.  He was going to move the last I heard.  Or has he changed his mind?  Have Milton take a flock of “shots” of you and send me some.  This will be a great aid for me to make the best of my absence from you.

Darling, I love you more than anything and anyone in this whole universe, always remember that.


P.S. Regards to the whole family, comrades and friends.

Editor’s Notes: Grafton is only a half hour drive from Troy, NY – it’s a small town with lots of lakes that are mostly now all part of Grafton Lakes State Park.  The town was, and still is, a Summer tourist destination.  Izzy and Sam rowed out in the Dunham Reservoir but other than that relaxation Izzy is unable to enjoy himself.  He misses Thelma and their life together.

I do not know enough about the history of the post office to understand how Izzy would get a phone call when Thelma’s letter arrived.  He was hesitant to leave his parents alone for any amount of time so trips to the State Road (Route 2) to check for undelivered mail was considered wasteful.  Since Milton is the only one with a camera Izzy asks Thelma to have Milton take photographs of her and send them to him to ease the loneliness.


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