Happy Mother’s Day – 1939 May 19

May 19, 1939

Dear Thelma –

It’s Friday so we came in to buy up supplies for the week and take mother up to the doctor.  Her toe looks terrible!  Pop says he has seen it much worse and it healed up so we are consoled by his words.  We are keeping her sugar free and being out in the mountains we hope her condition will improve much sooner than otherwise.  She just tried on the beautiful sweater you sent her and it fits and looks marvelous!  Mom wants me to extend you her thanks for your kind thought of her on Mother’s Day.

Pop is coming along surprisingly well.  He had a couple of bad days this week but all in all he is doing so good that he surprises all of us and himself.  For the last three weeks he has had little need of me.  He does quite a few things for himself.  He drives the car. Climbed a ladder last Sunday to instruct the boys how to paint the house, and goes fishing almost everyday.  So there will positively be no change in my plans.  I will leave Troy Saturday morning for N.Y.C.  If Sam + Celia decide to make that trip to N.Y. I will see you then and we will have a marvelous time on the 27th.  If however they can’t make it I will take a train either Sat or Sunday.  There might be a delay for a few hours because I have some very important business to attend to in N.Y.C. on my way down.  Make sure to let me know what the plans are from your end and if – when and where we will meet.

As for my health all that I can say now is wait till you see me!  I hate to brag so you just wait………

In my next letter to you which I will send either to-morrow or Monday you will receive some cash [$8.00] so don’t worry on that account.

“Danks” a whole lot for taking care of my employment compensation cards.  You get an extra kiss for that.

Early this morning I dug a garden for flowers.  It took me about three hours of steady work.  Pop is going to plant a whole “flock of flowers” and he promised to send me some when they are full grown.  You can hardly imagine how we all feel about Pop’s improvement.  It’s a miracle that’s all.

Sweetheart, darling I’m counting the seconds until I hold you in my arms.  Next week is going to be one of the longest in my life.

It is needless to repeat that I love you so much that there’s nobody in the whole world who can come near you in my affections.

Extend my best wishes to the whole trible – comrades and friends.


P.S. Love you? Yep

Editor’s Notes: Happy Mother’s Day! Thelma thinks of her mother-in-law up in Grafton with her husband and sweetly sends her a sweater.

Plans are on track to reunite.  Thelma will either meet Izzy in NYC or wait for him to take the train to D.C. First Izzy must attend to some cryptic business in the city – to collect unpaid wages (?) to see to a friend (?). Trains in 1939 had dining cars and look how lovely they were!

Metro-North 20th Century Limited (famous people and politicians took this train between NYC and Chicago – Izzy would not have taken this train), New York Transit Musuem, ID: 2001.31.182

Below is cool cross section poster of Grand Central Terminal in 1939.

Izzy’s got muscles to show Thelma, the better to squeeze her with.  He’s got money in his pocket, compensation cards taken care of, and flowers to look forward to. Everything is coming up roses for the two lovebirds to reunite.

Grand Central Promotional Poster, 1939, from Ephemeral New York

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