In 2013 a shoebox full of letters arrived at my feet and I knew they were going to be special.  They were letters of love, musings, family, and rebellion from my great-uncle Isadore (Izzy) to his beloved Thelma.  After sorting them chronologically, scanning, preserving, and transcribing the originals I decided that I wanted to share this story with others.

Izzy was a musician and a member of the Socialist Labor Party in the 1920s-1950s in NY and Washington, D.C.  Izzy and Thelma were often separated by circumstances of work, volunteerism, and declining parental health.  This collection of letters reflects the writer’s ideology, his familial and romantic love, and the struggles of a young musician.  They capture a time and place that many of us have not experienced.  I had a wonderful time reading and getting to know the letters, I hope that you will enjoy them as well.


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  1. What an amazing job you have done with the history and posting all of these wonderful letters,Thank you !
    Izzy (was 1 of my Dad’s brothers) and indeed a wonderful Uncle
    Aunt Thelma would honor us in August ( during their annual visits) with a concert on the piano.
    I now know my love of Books and Bookstores must be genetics !!

    1. Hi I2T I was surprised and delighted to find your blog. I’m related to William Pugatsky’s mother and I’m trying to find out more about the Pugatsky family.
      Please can you drop me a line. Kind regards. Robert

  2. Hi, my name is Bernice I am William Pugatsky daughter. I am the oldest grandchild from the Bickweat side of the family. I had looked at your letter and my birthday is wrong. also some other stuff that you had wriiten.
    My grandmother Pugatsky had died in 1912. How did you know about her? Please contact my daughter Wendy Rath at wendyr14@aol.com.

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